Eye Health Myths

A short time ago we read a great article about eye health myths that asks the question: “What if your eyes were sick, and you couldn’t see the flowers, or a Picasso painting, or your own kid?” What a thought-provoking question!

Of course we, as eye health professionals, see our patients eyes as our primary concern, but what about common myths and misconceptions that the average person may hear or believe? The article, 4 Eye Health Myths: Debunked, encourages everyone to “protect your vision and treat your eyes like your two best friends,” and addresses the following four eye health myths:

  1. “I only need to visit the optometrist if something seems wrong.”
  2. “My vision is perfect, so there’s no need to see the optometrist.”
  3. “I only need to worry about UV rays in the summer sun.”
  4. “I’ll just wear these contact lenses until they start to hurt.”

The first two myths they address really go hand-in-hand. Everyone should see an eye doctor once a year to make sure there are any health issues you aren’t aware of. Like children in school who don’t know that they can’t see the lessons, even adults often don’t know when and what they can’t see. You can also be alerted to other health issues when visiting an eye care professional. One example is diabetes. We talk about this in our information on our Diabetic Eye Disease page.

UV rays are present year-round, so you should wear eye protection. The article notes that the sunglasses you purchase at drug stores, novelty stores, department stores, and elsewhere may not be protecting your eyes. Lang Family Eye Care can help you find a great pair of sunglasses that will help protect your eyes.

Finally, we hear this from many of our patients who wear contacts, the prescribed time you should wear then change your contacts is more than a suggestion. As the article points out, your eye doctor is helping you to keep your eyes as healthy as possible and when it comes to wearing your prescription contacts, you really should follow the prescription.

To read the full article, go to: http://health.usnews.com/health-news/health-wellness/articles/2013/03/12/4-eye-health-myths-debunked

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