Emergency & Urgent Eye Care

What to do if you have an eye care emergency?

Though not common, ocular emergencies can come up at anytime and anywhere. Some eye emergencies are obvious, you may be doing work around the house or the yard and accidentally get something in your eye. Other eye emergencies can be less apparent. Different issues often can present with a wide range of symptoms. Pain, light sensitivity (photophobia), discharge, redness, and foreign body sensation are the more common symptoms patient’s experience, which can send them to an Urgent Care Clinic.

Most urgent ocular concerns, like those mentioned above, are often addressed swiftly, but many of the sight-threatening conditions are painless and present only with visual symptoms. These can include retinal detachments, macular edema, ocular strokes, auras, and countless more. Early intervention and a quicker diagnosis by an ocular heath specialist lead to the better outcomes in many of these time sensitive pathologies.

Please call our office at (262) 923-7073 if you have any questions about an ocular health issue and urgency required. Our staff is trained and if need be can get a doctor to contact you regarding your specific concerns. If your emergency occurs after normal business hours, please call our regular office line at: (262) 923-7073. Our automated service will direct you to our doctors.

Retinal Detachment Emergency Eye Care | New Berlin, WI Eye Doctor | Lang Family Eye Care

Retinal detachment visual symptoms (painless).

floaters associated with a Retinal Detachment Emergency Eye Care | New Berlin, WI Eye Doctor | Lang Family Eye Care

Floaters associated with a retinal detachment.

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