Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye Syndrome is quite common.

Dry Eye Syndrome Chronic Dry Eye | New Berlin, WI Eye Doctor | Lang Family Eye Care

Approximately 13% of the general population in the United States between 48-91 years old suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome or Chronic Dry Eye.

Many different forms of Dry Eye Syndrome exist and each should be treated appropriately. Artificial tears as needed provide many patients with the comfort they need, but for many this modality of treatment is not enough. The uncomfortable sensation that accompanies Dry Eye Syndrome can come as the result of taking medications, environment, lifestyle, wearing contact lenses, decreased oil or tear production, surgeries, eyelid issues, or for other reasons.

If you think you may have Dry Eye Syndrome, call us for a consultation. We’ll customize treatment to your particular form of Dry Eye, which may include artificial tears, tear duct blockers (punctal plugs),  medication, or other therapies to aid in this bothersome condition.

More Information:

University of Wisconsin – Madison: Dry Eye Study.

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