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Concussions and Vision Issues

Vision Problems After Concussion: Symptoms & Treatment

By Lang Family Eye Care / May 23, 2024

Considering an estimated 475,000 children under the age of 14 experience traumatic brain injuries every year, it is no wonder we see these cases frequently at Lang Family Eye Care. When a concussion occurs, it can result in temporary or long-lasting vision-related symptoms. Since these problems might not surface immediately post-injury, you may not even…

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Eye Care Patient Referral New Berlin WI

Why Partner With Lang Family Eye Care for Ortho-K Referrals

By Lang Family Eye Care / April 28, 2024

At Lang Family Eye Care, patient health is our number one priority. Ensuring every patient receives the best care often involves developing trusted partnerships with other healthcare providers. Whether you are an eye care patient or a referring physician, we are excited to work with you! We are as passionate about our referral partners as…

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Ortho-k for Children with Myopia

Give Your Child a Brighter Future Without Glasses or Contacts

By Lang Family Eye Care / April 2, 2024

LASIK eye surgery may not be right for your child. Other options, like Ortho-K, may be a better fit. The increasing epidemic of childhood myopia—or nearsightedness—is a concern that is affecting about 42% of American children. Myopia develops when the eyeball grows excessively long or when the cornea, the transparent front part of the eye,…

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Photophbia in New Berlin Eye Doctor

Photophobia: Causes and Treatment

By Lang Family Eye Care / March 13, 2024

Photophobia, also known as light sensitivity, is a common complaint for our patients at Lang Family Eye Care. It affects both adults and children and can be caused by several factors. Thankfully, several ways exist to prevent and manage it so it doesn’t interfere with your life. If you or your child is experiencing photophobia,…

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Does Your Child Have ADHD or Just VIsion Problems

The Case of ADHD Misdiagnosis: Functional Vision Problems Can be the Culprit not ADHD

By Lang Family Eye Care / February 27, 2024

Is your child struggling in school? Are they experiencing unexplained headaches? Don’t jump to conclusions just yet. It turns out that vision problems can often mimic symptoms of ADHD, learning disabilities, tension headaches, and other conditions. In fact, according to the Optometrist Network, children with vision problems are 200% more likely to be diagnosed with…

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Kids too Much Screen Time for Eyes

How Too Much Screen Time Affects Childrens’ Eyes: Tips to Prevent Digital Eye Strain

By Lang Family Eye Care / January 6, 2024

In today’s digital age, it’s no surprise that US children ages 8-12 spend an average of 4-6 hours a day looking at a digital screen. Teenagers spend an average of 9 hours in front of computers and other screens, which is most of their waking hours! Our increasing reliance on computers and digital devices is…

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How to tell if your child has vision problems early

8 Hidden Signs Your Child May Have Vision Problems

By Lang Family Eye Care / December 29, 2023

Is your child struggling to pay attention in class? Do they complain of frequent headaches with no apparent cause? While you may be confident that you know how to tell if you need glasses, the signs your child exhibits may not be as obvious. Your child may not announce they have blurry or wavy vision…

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Myopia in Children and How to Prevent

Tips to Prevent Myopia From Worsening

By Lang Family Eye Care / December 14, 2023

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness or shortsightedness, is a common condition that makes it difficult to see distant objects clearly. This means street signs, TV screens, or your child’s classroom board may be fuzzy. Unfortunately, myopia affects millions of people worldwide, with up to 30% of individuals experiencing it in the United States. It occurs…

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Routine vs. Medical Eye Exams FAQs

By Lang Family Eye Care / April 23, 2020

What determines routine vs. medical? Your reason for the exam, as well as your results will determine whether your insurance company will classify the exam as routine or medical. A routine eye exam is defined by insurance companies as an office visit for the purpose of checking vision, screening for eye disease, and/or updating eyeglass…

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Trying to Prevent Near-Sightedness in Children

By Lang Family Eye Care / October 1, 2014

In an article published in the UKs Daily Mail Online they reported on a school in China that had installed metal bars on the children’s desks to prevent them from leaning too far over their school work and causing near-sightedness, or myopia. Recent research in China has shown that 41 percent of Chinese children in…

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